Jan Bruce is an award-winning contemporary stone sculptor based in the west highlands of Herefordshire


Jan Bruce Sculpture | Portland Stone | 'Love'


Stonecarving is in my blood. Having started stonecarving aged 14, I went on to study sculpture at degree level and then joined the Bristol Sculpture Shed in 1990. After a number of productive years as a young sculptor, life diverted me onto a different course, but I am finally back where I belong, hammer and chisel in hand. Sculpting feels as natural as breathing to me, and is the best way I can converse with the world.

Jan Bruce Sculpture | Portland Stone | 'One'


I have experimented with various styles over the years, and am currently developing a distinctive sculptural language which allows me to express the emotions that drive me. The themes are mainly figurative, but with varying degrees of semi-abstraction and flowing, geometric form. I try to portray universally relatable emotions that can connect with the viewer.

Jan Bruce Sculpture | Portland Stone | 'Family'


As well as offering work for sale through galleries and direct sales, I am always happy to undertake bespoke commissioned pieces. Any size considered, for indoors or out. Contact me to discuss your requirements.